Biker Battle 3D

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Move: "A,D" and "LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS"Shooting: "F" Bat Attacks: "T,Y"Kick Attacks: "G,H"Nitro: "SHIFT"Slow Motion: "X"
Biker Battle 3D
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Biker Battle 3D

Biker Battle 3D
Biker Battle is a fighting game where you both ride and fight on the roads. Neutralize the enemies right, left or in front using your weapons or hits. You can buy new skins, weapons and abilities with the gold you collect. You can also unlock other chopper bike model if you want. The Biker Battle allows you to boost your super bike riding skills by giving you real challenging highway racing missions!
Move: “A,D” and “LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS”Shooting: “F” Bat Attacks: “T,Y”Kick Attacks: “G,H”Nitro: “SHIFT”Slow Motion: “X”
Biker Battle 3D

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