Princess E-Girl vs Soft Girl – Makeover Game

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Princess E-Girl vs Soft Girl – Makeover Game

Soft-girl and E-girl are completely separate new subcultures. Our princesses want to try on these images. A party will take place at the high school tonight. You in the game Princess E-Girl Fashion will have to assist a few schoolgirls to get prepared for it. Click on the model that will be seen in front of you and she will take you into her wardrobe. Your character will be in a bedroom in front of a mirror. You need to use all your skills to create makeup on her face. Then, you will have to select her suit from the various options. Also, don't forget to choose high heels, accessories, and different decorations. What style do you prefer most? Let's arrange a fashion competition for our best models! Invite your friends and share the happy moments together. Tap or click

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